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Ephesians 4:7 – unity and diversity

22-06-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now to each one of us was given grace in accord with the measure of the gratuity of Christ.

In the previous verses Paul wrote about the unity of all the believers. It’s the unity in confession, as handed over by the apostle, with as peak the one GOD and father of all, above all, through all and in all (4: 6). We all participate in the same unity. Therein is no difference. But… to each individual believer is given grace in accord to a specific measure. This measure is called here: ‘the measure of the gratuity of Christ.

“The Christ”, that is the Head of the body, the ecclesia. He is the one who gives, and also gives the grace to each individual believer, to de golden standard he handles for it. The grace, that everybody receives specifically, works out differently. For the grace is exactly tailored to the aptitude and the needs of each individual.

A flute produces another sound than a trumpet or a saxophone, even though the same air is blown in. But it is just this diversity of instruments, whereby the unity is served. That is the diversity in the ecclesia. Orchestrated by Christ himself!