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Ephesians 4:26,27 – Indignant but how?

26-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Are you indignant and not sinning? Do not let the sun be sinking on you vexation, not yet be giving place to the adversary.

The new humanity (:24) as Paul describes it, is characterized by the speaking of truth (:25). Another characteristic is the right anger. Being angry can be very useful but (as always where emotions are at stake), the danger is that they are uttered out of control. And the things go wrong. Then one is angry for a wrong reason or in the wrong manner or not at the right time or not for the right purpose. Then the anger is by definition sinning, that is, missing the mark.

Controlled indignation is also characterized by short-lividness. That is the same with God. “For there is only a moment under His anger” says the psalmist (30:6). God’s wrath and his judgements can be violent, but always take a relative short time. As the proverb goes: ‘to become angry is human, to stay angry is demonic’. Therefore, the doctrine that God’s wrath would las endlessly is undoubtedly a demonic invention.

When the sun goes down and we go to bed, we would have settled everything. So that we can rest in peace and be able to stand up in joy the next day!