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Ephesians 4:28 – Steal or share?

31-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Let him who steals by no means still be stealing: yet rather let him be toiling, working with his hands at what is good, that he may have to share with one who has need.

Here, too, we see a fine example of how in practice “the old humanity” is unconcernedly replaced by the “new humanity”. Stealing is not seen as a mental illness (kleptomania) that could only be relieved by long-term treatment. No, theft is a logical expression of what the “old humanity” is composed of. It is focused on itself and also left to itself. If he thinks he has shortage, he will (if needed) get what doesn’t belong to him.

Diametrically opposed to it is the “the new humanity”. It is focused on GOD in the knowledge that He always proves his favor towards us. From that realization we may be “followers of GOD” (5:1). Then we do not take, but we give. Not even because stealing is not allowed (“you shall not steal”) but coming from God’s grace that never gets tired to give abundantly. That motivates from the inside to make us work. Then thieving hands become sharing hands. That is what GOD’s grace is capable of achieving in a human life!