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Ephesians 4:20 – The big difference

25-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now you did not thus learn Christ, since surely, Him you hear, and by Him were taught…

Once, Paul’s readers heard the Word and thus became acquainted with Christ. That meant a total turnaround for them. Once walking in the senselessness of their thinking, their walk had now been given purpose and direction Once they were darkened in their minds, now their thinking was clear and enlightened. Ignorant and hard of hearts, they anesthetized themselves in debauchery and uncleanness. But now their hearts had been touched by Divine love, they no longer needed an anesthetic. Because they had truly received life!

The big difference between then and now was that they had come to know Christ. Not something, but someone. Life, the resurrected Christ. The Ephesians had not heard about the Christ. They had heard Himself. By what Paul made known to them, they heard Jesus’ own word (Eph. 2:17). Paul was called from heaven by Christ Jesus and from him he had received the good news. With that word, Paul was delegate to the nations (Gal. 1:12,16). In that word we hear Christ Jesus himself and receive his own teaching!