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Ephesians 4:19 – numbed

25-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Who being past feeling, in greed give themselves up with wantonness to all uncleanness as a vocation.

In the previous verse Paul, described how the nations have lost GOD, so that their walk is marked by senselessness, darkened thinking and consciously chosen ignorance. All that characterizes the inside.

In this verse Paul shows what the manifestations are in the behavior. It is remarkable that the first he mentions is they are being past feeling. Whenever GOD is reasoned away and thereby denying the meaning of existence, only sensuality remains. That is why they are giving themselves up. In order not to feel the senselessness of their existence, they numb themselves with alcohol and intoxicants. And that goes hand in hand with sexual entertainment without unconditional loyalty. All these expressions fall under the heading ‘debauchery’ without measure or limit. Moreover, it is ‘big business’. For the hunger for entertainment, fornication, drink and drugs is insatiable. After all, it does not give any real satisfaction (rather a hangover!) And that is why they are looking for more and more… surrogate.

Ah, the world does not know better. When you and I know GOD, we do. What a privilege to walk in that radiant Light in a dark world!