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Ephesians 2:3 – Also we all

30-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

The sons of stubbornness, among whom we/ also all behaved ourselves once in the lusts of our flesh, doing the will of the flesh and of the comprehension, and were, in our nature, children of indignation, even as the rest, yet God…

Paul’s point must be clear: we, believers, are not better than the rest of the world. In our nature, we all have the same origin. Nobody has only one single reason to feel better than others.

Behaving in the lusts of our flesh, characterizes a world that doesn’t recognize God. The consequence is: being dictated by impulses and doing the will of the flesh. “The flesh”, that is a man in his physical existence. And let’s note that the “will of the flesh” is in itself not wrong. The bad thing is when a man is ruled by it. A man differentiates from an animal because he is more than a sum of instincts and aggression (“wicked children”).

In dark colours Paul strikingly paints the world we live in. Rather hopeless, unless… GOD’s intervention will come!