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Ephesians 2:4 – Rich in mercy

30-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…yet God, being rich in mercy, because of is vast love with which he loves us…

In the previous verses Paul had painted the hopeless condition of humanity in dark colours. Ignorant, not persuadable, controlled by impulses, desires and anger. And yet, without this dark background, the riches of God’s mercy would never have been able to shine. He takes care of a poor world. He has created her Himself! It is impossible for Him to let “the works of His hands” go. That is God’s Love. Unconditional. No matter how great the sinner or enemy, His love surpasses it. Always. God’s love is so great and his mercy so rich that no human is excluded from it. GOD wants all people to be saved (1Tim 2:4) and He is indeed the Saviour of all people(1Tim. 4:10).

GOD’s vast love is a given. It is like an infallible compass that always points us to the right direction. Every creature can be assured of it. And when GOD brings a crisis (=judgement), it is not contradicting his love, but it results from it. Because GOD straightens up and makes all well. For everybody!