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Ephesians 1:8 – Which he lavishes on us

04-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…in accord with the riches of His grace, which He lavishes on us; in all wisdom and prudence…

Paul is rather generous with superlatives. “Riches”, “lavishing”, “all”, he can’t stop. But Paul certainly does not exaggerate. In fact, when we talk about the richness of GOD’s grace, exaggeration is by definition impossible. For God’s grace exceeds everything and is always greater than we think. Where we often think that it ends, that is where it starts for GOD!

The richness of GOD’s grace is not only evident in what He does for us. Or what He does with us and to us and through us. Here in this verse we read about grace that overflows in us. It takes place in our hearts. This is because Paul speaks about wisdom and prudence which we obtain because GOD makes know to us the secret of His will (:9,10). And therefore giving visibility to God’s purpose with all of His creation. That opens up huge perspectives in our hearts!