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Ephesians 1:7 – In accord with the riches of His grace

04-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

… in accord with the riches of His grace…

Paul just described how we were transformed from slaves into the position of sons. Therewith we received not only “from the riches of his grace”, but “in accord with the riches of His grace. That’s a big difference! If Bill Gates gives a charity to a beggar, he gives from his riches. The beggar has enough for another day. But if Bill Gates gives in accord with his riches, the beggar can be immensely rich!

The GOD sung by Ephesians 1, is a rich God. Here we read about “the riches of His grace”. Later about “the riches of the glory of his allotment” (1:17), in 2:4 we read that God is “rich in mercy” and in 2: 7 about “the transcendent riches of His grace”. In 3: 8 Paul writes about “the evangel of the untraceable riches of Christ” and in 3: 16 that God gives “in accord with the riches of His glory”.

God provides everything we need. The way He goes with us, is the best. Ever. In all he gives, but also in what He doesn’t give. Just that knowledge fills us with grace and peace!