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22-08-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

image3 The studies I give and the blogs that I write have a reach of which I, as the administrator of this website, often times have no idea. What I publish is heard, viewed and read by many whom I do not know. This is evident not only from the number of visitors to my website, but I also, quite often, receive from unknown visitors reactions in the form of a question, a comment or a reproof. But the most encouraging for me are the comments which shows how far GoedBericht.nl brings people into contact with the Evangel, whereby the Scriptures come to life, faith (trust) is awakened and lives are changed. Most of such reactions are not suitable to be published, as they are often too personal. But a few days ago, I received from someone (not known to me) an email that seemed suitable for sharing. It illustrates how the Good-News Message gives people a perspective on Who GOD really is, worthy of all our trust.

Dear Andre Piet, After two years, as a “silent” reader and listener, it now seems appropriate to more publicly thank you for all the work you have done. I’ve only read/listened to a portion of the website, but what I’ve taken in encourages me to reconsider everything, anew. At what moment to express thanks is strange, because its extent is not known. A chain reaction is put in motion that just runs and fans its way across my entire (faith) life. It is shocking to note how tendentious the Bible can be read. With mistrust or with confidence. What especially remains for me is that God really can be trusted and that He has everything in His hand. That God really is God. But sometimes, we seem to need many words to get that reconfirmed. Many thanks for all the trouble and effort to present the Bible, again, as a book of grace and love. Give it back, I would almost say. It will, undoubtedly, have taken you much time and study to have gotten it all sorted out, properly. Again, my thanks for your willingness to do all this. It is a blessing for many. I know that our glorying is in the Lord, but this way, no doubt, it will all redound to Him, again. Sincerely, ….

I’m sure you understand that such reactions encourage me, all the more, to sound-forth the glad tiding, as Paul made it known among the nations!