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from cover to cover

19-08-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

1_blog_13 Orthodoxy likes to talk about “the Bible from cover to cover.” But what is between those covers (the content) they, sadly to say, have no idea! It is covered (concealed) to them. Speaking of the Jewish people, Paul asserts, in Corinthians 3, that to the present, a covering lies over the reading of the old Covenant (:14,15). They only see the outside (commands: “thou shalt” and “thou shalt not”) without any insight into the content (=God’s promise). Consequently, they are burdened with “the letter that kills and condemns”(6-9). This is, in orthodox Christianity, no different. Their Bible, it is true, contains, unlike that of Judaism, a “New Testament”, but this is just as much under a covering. Reading the Bible is a dead ritual. Would they carefully search the Scriptures, they would dis-cover that all of Scripture testifies to the risen Christ (John 5:39,40), to Him who conquers death and justifies all of mankind (Rom.5:18). Whoever has dis-covered Him, no longer needs to defend the Bible, because that living Word speaks for itself!