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Acts 10:41 – Not to the entire people

07-12-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

This One God rouses the third day, and gives Him to become disclosed, not to the entire people, but to witnesses who have been selected before by God, to us who ate and drank together with Him after His rising from the dead.

Why did Jesus Christ appear to only a few hundred men and women after his resurrection and not to the entire people? Why did the truth of the raised Messiah have to be revealed to the people through eyewitnesses? Would not an appearance to the people have been much more convincing? Wasn’t the initially unbelieving Thomas convince by that too?

We know from the Scripture that the Messiah will indeed show himself to the people in the near future. And that they will thereby also come to recognition of him (Mat.24: 30). But why only appear to the people in person later and not before?

The answer is: it was not time yet. Israel first had to say “no” to the message so that the Evangel would go to the nations (Rom. 11: 11). For God would first gather a people from the nations. It is Paul, the thirteenth apostle, “the apostle of the nations,” to whom the secret of this interruption was revealed. Even his name is already a hint in that direction. Paulus, Pau-se.