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1Corinthians 6:15 – Are you not aware…?

25-03-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Are you not aware that your bodies are members of Christ? Taking then, the members of Christ away, should I be making them members of a prostitute? May it not be coming to that!

Again the rhetorical question “are you not aware…?” Paul appeals to earlier education he had given them. Had they forgotten that? As believers, we are members of Christ. “Members” in the sence of (body) parts: we are part of Christ. Paul will later write (12:13) that “in one spirit, we all are baptized into one body”. That we are members of Christ is including our bodies. Because our bodies will be raised in incorruptibility.

This knowledge gives our bodies an extraordinary elevated status! And that also makes it immediately clear how inappropriate it is to rise ourselves up as members of Christ and to turn it into members of a whore. That is not matter of it being unauthorized. It is absurd. Here we see again that anomalies in walk starts with ignorance. That is why “healthy doctrine” is essential for good practice. Knowing how it is. Paul is not prohibiting here, but demonstrates by asking questions how bizarre fornication is in the light of what we are in Christ.