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1 Corinthians 6:16 – The two

25-03-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Or are you not aware that he who joins a prostitute is one body? For, He is averring, the two will be one flesh.

Again Paul appeals to what his readers are supposed to know and he refers to the well-known Genesis 2:24. There we read that after the creation of the woman form Adam, it is said that “therefore… a man will adhere to his wife and those two shall be one flesh.” “The two” that is the man and his wife, where “being one flesh” refers to the physical union or the sexual intercourse.

Fornication is indeed a man who has intercourse with a woman, but not his wife. “Being one flesh” is since Adam exclusively intended for a man and his wife. Two people who belong together as long as they live. It has never been different. Jesus invoked these words (Mat. 19:5) and Paul does this here and elsewhere as well (Eph. 5:31). Ideas and customs in the world may be constantly changing, but God’s thoughts remain the same. That is why we can build on his word, whatever people think or claim. That is God’s faithfulness!