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1 Timothy 4:4 – Every creature of God is ideal

08-02-2024 - Posted by Hans

Seeing that every creature of God is ideal and nothing is to be cast away, being taken with thanksgiving, for it is hallowed through the word of God and pleading.

Paul’s basic attitude towards all creation is fundamentally positive. This cannot be otherwise, since GOD Himself is the Creator of every creation. “He has made everything fitting in its season” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Of course, this does not mean that all plants and animals are suitable for consumption. But it does mean that nothing in creation is inferior.

Everything gains value by receiving it in thanksgiving. In Scripture, the blessing lies by definition in expressing thanks to God. All things are blessed with thanksgiving. A blessed meal is a meal for which God is thanked. When we thank GOD for that,  then it is blessed. Wealth becomes a blessing when we thank God for it. If we don’t do that, it’s not a blessing.

The great thing about this Divine principle is that poverty, adversity and illness can also become a blessing in this way! Anyone who realizes that GOD is the Creator of all things and that He has the whole world in His hand and that His way is always the best, can thank Him in everything. What a blessing!