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1 Timothy 4:5 – Hallowed through the word of God and pleading.

08-02-2024 - Posted by Hans

Seeing that every creature of God is ideal and nothing is to be cast away, being taken with thanksgiving, for it is hallowed through the word of God and pleading.

What GOD has created cannot be anything but excellent. What He gives us would therefore be received with thanksgiving. Verse 5 further motivates this. “…for it is sanctified by the word of God…”. Obviously the idea is not that God’s word makes the unholy creature holy, for that would contradict the foregoing. No, it means that God’s word declares his own creations to be excellent and that they are hallowed through our thanksgiving.

People have sometimes ‘read’ into the words of verse 5 the Christian custom of reading a portion of God’s Word during a meal and saying an accompanying prayer. Now there is of course nothing against reading a passage from Scripture while eating, on the contrary, but that is certainly not what Paul means here. In addition, a good custom ceases to be a good custom as soon as it assumes legalistic forms.

Every creature of God is excellent and according to God’s word it is hallowed by prayer of thanksgiving. Hallowed means: set apart and dedicated to GOD and therefore also blessed by Him.