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1 Timothy 4:3 – To be partaken of with thanksgiving

08-02-2024 - Posted by Hans

… Preventing to marry, abstaining from foods, which God creates to be partaken of with thanksgiving by those who believe and realize the truth.

The rise of teachings that Paul foresees is characterized by an aversion to natural things. Paul’s disapproval of these teachings is harsh. He identifies them as downright demonic. The reason for this lies in the elaboration of these teachings. It makes people afraid of their own bodies, which ’the church’ teaches is ‘sinful’. This inevitably makes people feel guilty about perfectly natural desires. And people who are supposed to be ‘pious’ and ‘spiritual’ are thus forced to keep up appearances. In short, such teachings make people emotionally and mentally messed up.

Worst of all, these teachings cast suspicion on GOD and His good creation. God has created nature (including that of man) in such a way that we would receive everything He enables us to do with joy and gratitude. Such as the desire for sexual intercourse as experienced in marriage. But also the enjoyment of food (and drinks). One GOD is its Inventor and Creator. That is what all people would reverently and with thanksgiving realize (2:3,4).