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1 Timothy 2:6– The testimony in its own eras

08-11-2023 - Posted by Hans

… a Man, Christ Jesus, Who is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all (the testimony in its own eras)

By “the testimony” Paul refers to the immediately preceding statement, namely that Christ Jesus, as Mediator between the one God and men, gave himself as a ransom for all. This is testified to “in its own eras”. One might think of Paul’s testimony that he gave at many times during his ministry among the nations (see next verse).

Or would he refer to “the testimony in its own eras” to the “all” for whom Christ Jesus gave himself as a ransom? He paid the price for all and all will one day testify to this. Not all at the same time, but each in their own times. After all, God wants all to be saved and all to come to a realization of the truth (2:4). And that will happen. The living God is the Savior of all men (1Tim.4:10). And God has declared under oath that every knee will bow to Him (Isa.45:23). And it is written that every tongue (=the inside; no lip service!) will confess that Jesus is Lord. To the glory of God the Father (Phil.2:10,11).

The truth of the ransom for all will receive universal approval. Everyone will happily testify “in its own eras”!