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1 Timothy 2:2 – Kings and superiors

08-11-2023 - Posted by Hans

… petitions, prayers, pleadings, thanksgiving be made for all mankind, for kings and all those being in superior station, that we may be leading a mild and quiet life in all devoutness and gravity.

The prayers and thanksgivings that Paul calls for have a universal motive. Because they are primarily “for all mankind”. In verse 4 he explains this further by saying that this is good and acceptable to God since He wants all people to be saved. The prayers and thanksgivings are not intended to draw attention only to our own private interests or to those within our horizon, but to all people. For God’s will is all-inclusive!

Recognizing this universal motif is also important for understanding the second group that Paul mentions: the prayers and thanksgivings “for kings and all those being in superior station.” Among all men they form, in position, a superior category. Whatever they do or decide and however much their reprehensible policies may affect us, they too all belong to the humanity that God wants to save. We must never forget that; it will greatly help us to live a quiet and peaceful life!