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1 Timothy 2:2 – A mild and quiet life

08-11-2023 - Posted by Hans

… for kings and all those being in superior station, that we may be leading a mild and quiet life in all devoutness and gravity.

With the call for prayers and thanksgiving for all mankind, one category of people in particular is highlighted here: “kings and all those being in superior station.” With the motivation “that we may be leading a mild and quiet life…”. Usually this is explained as if our prayers are for the sake of kings and superiors leaving us alone. But that is certainly not the idea. The word for ‘quiet’ here (see also 2:11,12!) always means that the person concerned adopts a calm and tranquil attitude.

Instead of shouting and participating in riots and revolutions, we would keep quiet and calm. Remember that Paul wrote these words during the time he lived under the infamous and tyrannical Emperor Nero. Paul himself was certainly not left alone by kings and all superiors, but he submitted quietly and calmly. Even when he could not comply with what was demanded of him, he always prayed for and thanked for his superiors. After all, God is also their Savior (2:4)! Paul did not clench his fists against those in power, but he folded his hands before them in gratitude (2:8).