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1 Timothy 1:11 – With which I was entrusted

26-09-2023 - Posted by Hans

… in accord with the evangel of the glory of the happy God, with which I was entrusted.

From God, Paul was given a unique mission. He would make known among the nations the truth of one God who is truly GOD. It is the God who, as Job 42 verse 2 says, is able in all things and no plan Whom can be thwarted. This GOD already told the from the beginning the hereafter (Isa.46:10). He can do that because nothing and no one is beyond His control. The great universe is under His authority and without Him not even a hair falls from our heads.

Precisely because the God of the Bible is truly GOD and assigns and orders everything, He can also perfectly fulfill what He intends. Success assured! He succeeded in everything. He seeks the lost, and not only that… He also finds it (Luke 15:4)! The Gospel is not a philosophy or a moral teaching that tells us what to do, but a message of the glory of Who GOD is! He is “the happy God” because everything, including the evil that He allows to happen, is not in vain, but is necessary to serve His purpose. What a GOD we have been able to get to know through “the apostle of the nations”!