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1 Timothy 1:12 – Grateful am I to Him

08-11-2023 - Posted by Hans

Grateful am I to Him who invigorates me, Christ Jesus, our Lord, for He deems me faithful assigning me a service.

Paul was privileged to herald an ultimate and transcendent message among the nations: the Gospel of the glory of the happy God (1:11). Paul is deeply aware of the glory of that message, but also of the fact that he, of all people, has been placed in this ministry. That the highest glory is now trumpeted by the most unworthy of all men.

It is this contrast why Paul is so grateful to Christ Jesus for choosing him, calling him and subsequently enabling him to fulfill this ministry. Of course, with the words “For He deems me faithful,” Paul does not mean that this faithfulness is his own merit. On the contrary, Paul is amazed that “He deems me faithful.” Nota bene, “a slanderer, a persecutor, and an abuser” (1:13).

In everything, Paul was unworthy to be put into ministry because of his past. There is only one reason why Christ Jesus nevertheless considers him reliable: He himself has made him reliable. God does not call the qualified, no, He qualifies those who are called! With so much grace shown, deep gratitude cannot be held back!