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1 Corinthians 9:13,14 – eating of the things of the sanctuary and the altar

17-06-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Are you not aware that the workers at the sacred things are eating of the things of the sanctuary? Those settling beside the altar have their portion with the altar. Thus the Lord also prescribes that those who are announcing the evangel are to be living of the evangel.

Paul had plead that in natural life it’s evident that your livelihood is based on your work. That counts for a soldier, a vinedresser and for a shepherd. God had even given a provision for a threshing ox. But it was only said to come to his real issue, namely that waived all these rights. But before he goes deeper into this issue, he gives one final argument. Based on the service in the sanctuary. Was it not organized in such a way that those who were working besides the altar continuously, also had their portion of it?

This full-time service in the sanctuary and the work beside the altar are a perfect illustration of what announcers of the evangel are doing? The ecclesia is a temple, isn’t it (3: 16)? And the altar speaks of the evangel, the risen Christ. The normal rule is therefore that also preachers are to be living of their work.