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1 Corinthians 7:26 – the present necessity

03-05-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

I am inferring, then, this ideal to be |inherent, because of the present necessity, for it is ideal for humanity to be thus.

Already, Paul promoted the unmarried status (: 8) and here he repeats his point of view. And in the following verses he will also explain. Here he summarizes under the motive “because of the present necessity”. In verse 29 he writes: “the era is limited” and in verse 31: “the fashion of this world is passing by”. What does Paul point to with these words?

One answer is that with “the present necessity” Paul points to our short earthly existence in general. If we want to serve the Lord undividedly, in Paul’s perception the unmarried state is ideal.

One might also say that Paul points to the eventual parousia of the Lord in those days. In the preaching of “the twelve”, that was even the beckoning perspective. Israel would convert and then the Lord would return (Acts 1: 6; 3: 19-21). But that didn’t happen. Until Acts 28 the door was not yet completely closed. Paul didn’t expect, but he still reckoned with a return of the Lord in those days (Romans 13: 11).