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1 Corinthians 6:6,7 – Dangerous ignorance

28-02-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

But a brother is suing a brother and this before unbelievers! Already, indeed, then, it is absolutely a discomfiture for you that you are having lawsuits among yourselves.

You can hear Paul’s bewilderment in his formulation. Especially about the total lack of awareness in Corinth about who they are as believers. About their vocation and the great future and task that awaits them. Knowledge and awareness about who you are, what your position is and what your vocation is, is not a luxury or hobby. It is necessary to be able to orient yourself and determine your course. And therefore also to be able to make good choices.

When brothers in the ecclesia seek justice with unbelieving judges, they demonstrate they have no idea of their position. Because no matter how the case goes, one has already lost in advance. Whether the prosecutor wins or loses, it does not matter because spiritually speaking the process itself is already a defeat. The honorary task that is reserved for the ecclesia in the future eon is a crown jewel that we can allow to glitter. Being royal and as judges in waiting we would go our course on earth. That is worthy of our calling!