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1 Corinthians 16:5-7 – Paul is looking forward to meeting

01-06-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now I shall be coming to you whenever I may pass through Macedonia, for I am passing through Macedonia. Now, perchance, I shall be abiding with you, or wintering also, that you should be sending me forward wheresoever I may be going. For I do not want to see you at present on the way, for I am expecting to stay some time with you, if ever the Lord should permit.

The writing of the letter to the Corinthians can be pointed out with precision in Luke’s account in the book of Acts, namely in chapter 19 verse 21. Paul is in Ephesus and would stay there until Pentecost (:8) and then through Macedonia to descend to Achaia, the Greek peninsula of which Corinth was the capital.

In any case, Paul wanted to stay with the Corinthians for a longer period of time and perhaps to spend the winter with them. Traveling far during the winter season was not possible, but that time could be used to prepare for the transit. Obviously “if ever the Lord should permit,” an important proviso to all planning. In the book of Acts (20:3) it appears that Paul was indeed in Corinth for three months. To greet and meet each other as believers face-to-face was a great thing for him! And how recognizable is that!