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1 Corinthians 15:57 – God, who is giving us the victory

07-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now thanks be to God, Who is giving us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul’s statement that the law is the power source of sin is at odds with religion and orthodoxy. Because they assume that people should be kept in line by ‘law’. A great misconception. In fact, no one is more controlled by sin than the one who tries(!) not to sin.

Victory over sin does not lie in the preaching of the law. Or in an ethics or moral code that man would pursue. Such a message is already spoiled in the packaging. It is not about what man should realize, but what GOD has accomplished. GOD raised Christ Jesus from the grave to guarantee that death will be abolished. That’s a fact. You don’t have to do anything for that and you can’t lose it either. You can just rely on that. And it is precisely that trust (= faith) that makes us “more than victors”. We don’t have to fight for it because victory is already given to us (already!). So that we have an outlook and hope. Hope that really gives life!