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1 Corinthians 15:46 – First the soulish then the spiritual

26-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

But not first the spiritual, but the soulish, thereupon the spiritual.

The soulish (> psyche) is a model for corruptibility and weakness. The spiritual (> pneuma), on the other hand, is a model for incorruptibility and strength (: 43). When God formed Adam as a “living soul,” He did not create a final version. Because Adam was explicitly a “first”. Created with a view to “the second man” or “the last Adam”.

Realize what that means. Adam was not a failure of GOD. That death entered the human world through him was not an “accident.” Current theology teaches that Adam once went wrong and that salvation history is the story of God’s repair work. To save what remains to be saved. But the opposite is true. GOD did not have to switch to plan B. Because “the last Adam” as “vivifying spirit” was already intended in advance as phase two. The Creator was not mistaken.

The order is essential. First the creation of the soulish: corruptible, dishonor and weakness. For the soulish would serve as a stepping stone to the spiritual: the incorruptibility, glory and strength. The second is final. But there is no second without a first. No butterfly without a caterpillar. Everything is part of GODS design.