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1 Corinthians 15:36 – Without death no resurrection

26-02-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Imprudent one! What you are sowing is not being vivified if it should not be dying.

So the question or objection was: “how are the dead being roused?” Paul does not find that reaction very smart. For do we not see in all kinds of areas in living nature that new life comes about through a dying process that precedes it? Seed falls into the earth and dies. There a transformation takes place: the seed as such disappears (= dies) and new life replaces it.

Death is not a hindrance to resurrection, but a condition. No resurrection without death. We see this phenomenon not only illustrated in the plant world but also in all kinds of metamorphoses in the animal world. A caterpillar dies and becomes a cocoon to emerge as a butterfly over time. The caterpillar must die first. His caterpillar’s existence must come to an end. Because it is only through that route that a butterfly comes into existence. It is a complete miracle of God! Biologists can only describe the phenomenon but cannot explain it. Let alone imitate.

All living nature bears witness to the Creator who brings about new life through the way of dying and death. That is immensely promising…!