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1 Corinthians 15:27 – The finishing touch

04-02-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

The last enemy is being abolished: death. For He subjects all under His feet.

Paul emphasizes all that is subjected under Christ’s feet. The writer of the Hebrew letter adds (2: 8): “For in the subjection of all to him, He leaves nothing unsubject to him.” Everything and everyone will come under the rule of Christ. No escaping. Even all who will resurrect for the “great white throne” (Revelation 20) cannot help but acknowledge the One who sits on the throne. And that everything with which He confronts them is true and legitimate. Including the judgment that they must die again, “that is the second death.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Death will also be subordinated under Christ’s feet. During the last glorious eon (see the final chapters of “Revelation”) in which Christ reigns (22: 5), many will still be missing. Because they are dead (= “the second death”; 21: 8). The “finishing touch” of Christ’s rule therefore takes place when he will also make these people alive. For all who die in Adam will be made alive in Christ (: 22). The vivification of all, that is, the abolishment of death.