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1 Corinthians 14:23,24 – who unmasks who?

04-12-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

If then, the whole ecclesia should be coming together in the same place, and all should be speaking in languages, yet should plain persons or unbelievers be entering, will they not be declaring that you are mad? Now if all should be prophesying, yet some unbeliever or plain person be entering, he is being exposed by all, he is being examined by all.

Paul prepares the Corinthians for the disappearance of both “speaking in languages” and prophesying (13: 8). But until then, prophecy in the ecclesia is by far the preferred choice above speaking in languages. The above verses make crystal clear why. If a random visitor comes in while everyone is speaking in completely unknown languages, then not only the inveterate unbeliever will declare that the company consists of a bunch of madmen. The ignorant listener can also make little of it.

How different is it when someone communicates words directly from God in plain language. The truth always invites critical judgment. Precisely through investigation and evidence, by checking and verifying the truth comes to light! The sensation of the moment is never more than volatile and transient. What really counts is the truth that is certain and permanent!