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1 Corinthians 14:24,25 – unmistakably GOD’s word

04-12-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now if all should be prophesying, yet some unbeliever or plain person be entering, he is being exposed by all, he is being examined by all. The hidden things of his heart are becoming apparent, and thus, falling on his face, he will be worshipping God, reporting that God really is among you.

What Paul describes in the above verses is the ultimate effect of GOD’s word. Certainly, the fragmentary prophecy in the days of the Corinthians is a thing of the past (13: 8-10). But a complete word from GOD has replaced it! Would that have a lesser effect?

Where true word of GOD sounds, it always has an impact. It unmasks and refutes. It reveals and unveils.   GOD’S word proves itself and is impossible to trace to human wisdom. Anyone who is confronted with the words of GOD cannot deny that it is true. It is not due to anyone but GOD himself. What power and wisdom can be heard in it. But also what a love is revealed in it. It is the love of GOD as Paul had sung about in chapter 13. How impressive when that word, may sound in all its beauty and perfection exactly as “it is written”!