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1 Corinthians 13:9 – Fragmentary

30-10-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

For out of an installment are we knowing, and out of an installment are we prophesying

Paul used the word for ‘installment’ before. For example if he writes (11:18): “and some part I am believing”. The knowledge and prophecy from God that was passed on in Paul’s days was piece by piece. Here was someone who received a special revelation, and there was another who prophesied. One gave his or her message orally while another wrote down his ‘piece’

All in all, there were countless oral and written excerpts of God’s revelation that were scattered throughout the world. It was a fascinating time because God made his word known directly through many believers. Although of course there was also chaff under the grain of spiritual expressions that did not come from God. Hence Paul urged the Thessalonians: “Scorn not prophecies yet be testing all …” (1Thes.5: 20,21).

No matter how exciting the time in which God immediately revealed himself, it was patchy. Like countless puzzle pieces that are scattered everywhere. That, of course, cannot be the intended end situation because the puzzle pieces belong together. So that all fragments, perfectly fitting, give a total picture. That was what Paul was waiting for. And that time would soon come …!