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1 Corinthians 11:21,22 – Despising the ecclesia of God

13-09-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

For each one is getting his own dinner before in the eating and the one, indeed is hungry, yet one is drunk. For have you no homes at all in which to eat and drink? Or are you despising the ecclesia of God and mortifying those who have nothing? What may I be saying to you? Shall I be applauding you in this? I am not applauding.

Paul praised the Corinthians for several reasons. But what he describes now seems too embarrassing for words. A meal that depicts harmony and refers to the Lord had become a scandalous joke. We can hardly imagine such a course of events, because the meal Paul is talking about is no longer a meal at all in current church practice. Now, they only eat a ritual piece of bread and drink a single sip of wine. Or even less spiritual: a sip of grape juice. Well, of course no one gets drunk from that …

Instead of showing unity at the table, the poor (“who have nothing”) were ashamed. One was drunk and full of food, the other still hungry. “The ecclesia of GOD” called to the throne and to share the position of Christ deserves a higher regard …