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1 Corinthians 10:28,29 – freedom and conscience

31-07-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet if anyone should be saying to you, This is a sacred sacrifice, do not eat, because of that one who divulges it, and conscience. Yet conscience, I am saying, not that of yourself, but that of another. For why is my freedom being decided by another’s conscience?

The starting point of Paul’s plea is that you can eat everything at ease. This freedom is based on the knowledge that the earth and that which fills it, belongs to the Lord and no-one else. And also for this truth counts: it makes free.

There is only one ‘but’. And that’s if my table companions feel it completely different. If they completely seriously say to me: “this is a sacred sacrifice”, they give the meal the character of a sacrifice meal. Although not for me, but my table companions. In that case, Paul says: “do not eat”.  For the last thing you want is giving the impression that you participate in an (idolatrous) sacrifice meal.

Of course, the poor conscience of the other doesn’t make me less free. But freedom also contains: ignore yourself for another’s interest.