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1 Corinthians 10:30 – blessing through giving thanks

31-07-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

If I, with gratitude, am partaking, awhy am I being calumniated~ fors that for which I/ am giving thanks?

What we might do or choose, the starting point is and will continue to be that all we have and be, is GOD’s and so we are grateful to Him. That knowledge is also the base of the habit to thank GOD before our meals. That’s natural, for we receive our food from Him, that he already had let grown before. He also gives us the capacity to get consequently stronger and to enjoy it. And so we say for all: ‘Thank You!!’ That’s how we behave if we receive something, isn’t it?

The blessing of the meal is included in the fact that GOD is thanked for it. While giving thanks, the things are blessed. By giving thanks all in our existence changes into a blessing. That can be a meal or an evening out, a bus trip or a soccer match, work or overnight stay etcetera. Nothing excluded. Everything will be a blessing if we thank GOD for it. Even setback, effort or illness will be a blessing. For then we recognize that He is GOD and that He gives all a place and a meaning!