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1 Corinthians 10:26 – Lord, is this Yours?

29-07-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

For “the Lord’s is the earth and that which fills it.”

Without any hesitation, we go our way in this world. We have a very good reason for that, namely (compare Psalm 24: 1) that the Lord’s is the earth and all which fills it. He surely is the Creator of the earth and all her inhabitants. Including animals. Why would I ask: Lord, is this Yours? Like there would be something in this world not his own! Buy at ease all that you want in the meat market. What does it matter if it had been sacrificed to the idols? So what?! For us, there is only one God (8: 6)!

The whole world and each creature “is the Lord’s”. Without any restriction. Therefore the word ‘church’ is not Biblical. ‘Church’ is derived from ‘Kyriakè’ and that means “the Lord’s” But note: the entire world is “the Lord’s” and He is also the “Lord of all” (Romans 10: 12). Believers are together a ‘out-called’ and so they are called ‘ec-clesia’. But every step I take is a step in his world. And each person I meet is His own and his property.