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1 Corinthians 10:24 – Not me but He

29-07-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

All is allowed me, but not all is expedient. All is allowed me, but not all is edifying. Let no one be seeking the welfare of himself but that of another.

When we arrive at crossroads in our lives and we have to go left or right, the question is not: is it allowed or not? That is ethics which primarily concerns the religious world. For those who know “freedom in Christ”, a completely different criterion applies. Whether or not allowed is not the issue. The real question is: is it useful and constructive? And not even useful and constructive in the first place for myself, but for the other!

This approach is completely different from what is taught to us in the world, where the following applies: you must follow your own heart. ‘Never deny yourself’. Finding yourself. In that philosophy I am the center of the universe. Indeed I with capital letters. Egoism.

Those who believe have a completely different frame of mind. Because GOD is in the center. It is like in Hebrew grammar: not ‘I’ but ‘He’ is the first person. And based on that, we make our choices. That is useful and you can build on that!