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1 Corinthians 10:15 – As to the prudent

19-07-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

As to the prudent am I saying it. Judge you what I am averring.

In the previous verse, Paul called on his readers to distance themselves from the religious world around them. He even speaks of “fleeing”, as from danger. Not everyone will have thanked him for that. Because such an attitude can turn you into an outsider in your own circles, outside of your social comfort zone.

Paul immediately adds in the verse above that what he claims does not have to be taken for granted. He does not burden his readers, on the contrary. He invites them to think for themselves. As he also encourages elsewhere (11:13) to have a critical attitude. Paul may make bold claims, but not in order to overwhelm the Corinthians. Because he is convinced that what he claims is completely reasonable. If you know you are telling the truth, you are not afraid of the facts. In fact, you are happy with scrutiny, because facts reveal the truth.

The apostle values his readers “as prudent”, regardless of whether or not they always were. Use common sense – that is always Paul’s motto.