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1 Corinthians 10:11 – Written for our admonition

19-07-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now all this befalls them typically. Yet it was written for our admonition, to whom the consummations of the eons have attained.

The things that Paul just enumerated from Israel’ desert experiences (idolatry, fornication, trying God and murmuring) are not just historical. No, it happened to the Israelites for typological reasons. It is intended as a ‘sign’ and therefor has a signification. The reason it is recorded in the Scriptures is to make us aware of this. Paul did not say: oh well, that was the Old Testament and we no longer have anything to do with that. On the contrary! The histories have taken place and are written down   for us and we would pay attention to the typology therein. Because for that everything has been written down.

The “us” for whom all has been written down and intended, are those ‘to whom the consummations of the eons have attained’. In theology it is common to think in terms of “the endless eternity”. The Scripture does not know that. Eons are limited world times. Each with a beginning and an end. With the coming of the Messiah, “the eons of the eons” will commence. Surpassing all previous eons. All those eons find their purpose in Christ. And we are at that crossroads.