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the day after… September 24

28-09-2017 - Posted by Andre Piet

(In particular) the last few months the date September 23 was a big issue. It should be a special date. Many people believed that the “rapture of the ecclesia” should take place on this date. Others thought of an awakening in Israel. And there were also people considering a spectacular event at global level. But all conclusions were speculative, built on an isolated explanation of Revelation 12: 1. That is clear now. I would like to point to the concluding words I wrote in a weblog (March 4, 2017):

Unfortunately it is expectable that September 23 for some will end in a disappointment. It is good to be attentive. Comparatively research of the actuality and the prophetical word is even better. But hasty conclusions and sensationalism are a real danger. Because it appears that the announced date passes without events, frustration can be big. Then strained date-setting can easily turn into contempt of the prophetic word and into disinterest. Also for this we should be vigilant.