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Titus 3:1 Yielding, ready for every good work

13-07-2023 - Posted by Hans

Remind them to be subject to sovereignties, to authorities; to be yielding, and to be ready for every good work…

It seems that in this verse Paul gradually transitions from the relationship to sovereignties and authorities to the relationship to all people (3:2). But the instruction to “be yielding” still applies especially in relation to those above us. The word has the meaning of: to follow, to obey (see also Acts 5:29,32). Since we recognize “sovereignties and authorities” as our superiors, our default attitude will be to comply with what they tell us to do. That is why we pay taxes (Rom.13:6), even though we still have so many reservations about how they are spent. Those questionable expenditures are not our responsibility, and therefore not our concern.

Only when “sovereignties and authorities” ask us things that go against our conscience, will we refuse. For, of course, we cannot do things contrary to what we know from the Word. Or that cause damage or that are disastrous for the people we care for. So conforming to the stipulations of those above us is not unlimited. Our criterion will always be to “be ready for every good (=wholesome) work”.