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Titus 3:1 Again subjection

13-07-2023 - Posted by Hans

Remind them to be subject to sovereignties, to authorities; to be yielding, and to be ready for every good work…

The phrase “sovereignties and authorities” (both singular and plural) is encountered eight times in the NT, exclusively with Paul. The term “sovereignties” (Gr. arché) also means “beginning” and refers to the origin of power. On the other hand, the word for “authority” (Gr. exousia) denotes power lawfully conferred. It is derived power. For example, a police officer has authority from the government to act. Besides, not only on earth do we know “sovereignties and authorities” but also in the heavenly regions people are familiar with this hierarchy (Eph.3:10; 6:12; Col.1:16).

Paul’s call to submit to “sovereignties and authorities” is entirely in line with the rest of his teaching. As we noted earlier in the instructions to the slaves, Paul is not concerned with social structures. His focus was not on the abolition of slavery, but on the changed slave and his owner. Low-profile, without political aims. How “sovereignties and authorities” function is not our concern. GOD has set up “sovereignties and authorities” (Rom.13:1) and they are accountable to Him. So that we would lead a quiet and peaceful life (1Tim.2:2).