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Titus 1:8 Just, benign, self-controlled

02-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

…But hospitable, fond of that which is good, sane, just, benign, self-controlled.

“Just” is next in the list of seven positive attributes of the overseer. That does not mean here that he is righteous before God, because that is what all believers are. The fact that it is specifically said of the overseer here means that he is known as such in practice. Someone with a just, impartial and fair judgment.

The word ‘benign’ here is the rendering of the Greek ‘hosios’. It is a pity and confusing that this word is rendered in the common translations with (mainly) ‘holy’, because a completely different Greek word is reserved for ‘holy’ (hagios). The Concordant Version consistently renders “hosios” with “benign” meaning “righteous” or “integer.” Whoever has integrity is in good order, in one piece: he says what he does and he does what he says. It is one of the great attributes of our GOD. Often it is used in the same breath with righteousness (Luke 1:75; 1Thes.2:10; Eph.4:24; Rev.16:5).

The sixth positive quality is that of self-control. It indicates the ability to “hold back”. Not by fighting your own impulses and feelings, but by directing them. That’s where good governance starts. For he who controls himself is stronger than he who takes a city (Prov.16:32).