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Titus 1:8 Hospitable and sane

02-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

…But hospitable, fond of that which is good, sane, just, benign, self-controlled.

From here follow seven (!) positive qualities that the supervisor would meet. Mentioning only properties that would not be found in him would not give a good picture. All six attributes mentioned in this verse could be said to not be out of place for any believer, but with someone like the overseer who has an exemplary role they are a must.

The supervisor is said to be hospitable and that means his house is always open. In a literal sense, the word (philo-xenos) is the opposite of what we call xenophobia and therefore means: he likes strangers. Besides, in general he loves what is good and is attached to it (Rom.12:9).

There is no quality mentioned so often in this letter as that of “sanity.” In chapter 2 we will encounter it no less than five more times (:2,4,5,6,12). The Greek word (sophron) is made up of the elements for “save” and “minded” and indicates an attitude of common sense. Those who are sane do not allow themselves to be carried away by hypes, emotions and treacherous reasoning. Not least in the religious world. It is precisely for someone who is in charge that he can be expected to be sane.