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Titus 1:3 now heralded

28-04-2023 - Posted by Hans

… which God, Who does not lie, promises before times eonian, yet manifests His word in its own eras by heralding, with which I was entrusted, according to the injunction of God, our Saviour…

Before the times of the eons began, so before anything, God spoke a promise. What that promise of God then contained is now made manifest in the proclamation of His word. The reason why that word was not revealed earlier is because now the “own eras” are presenting themselves. It’s Divine timing!

Also in Romans 16:25,26, Paul tells that he has been given the gift of revealing a secret that was “hushed in times eonian,” but is now revealed through prophetic writings. Inscribed, black-on-white. For that is how it had to go and that is why Paul always mentions: it is according to the injunction of God.

And also in Colossians 1:26, Paul writes about the secret, which has been kept hidden for eons and generations, but is now being revealed. This proclamation was entrusted to Paul and hence he speaks of “my evangel” (Rom. 16:25). For to him was the grace to evangelize to the nations the unsearchable riches of the Christ (Eph.3:8,9). Together they are part of “the Christ”, as head and body (Eph.3:6)!