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Titus 1:3 God our Saviour.

28-04-2023 - Posted by Hans

… which God, Who does not lie, promises before times eonian, yet manifests His word in its own eras by heralding, with which I was entrusted, according to the injunction of God, our Saviour…

Paul was entrusted with a unique ministry and he appears to be very aware of this. A ministry to the nations, while the Jewish people are temporarily set aside. In this interim, Paul may herald a word of pure grace into the world. He may, because it is a great privilege. But he must also herald it, for it is “according to the injunction of God…”. The message that Paul would make known to the world, therefore, he should certainly not interpret as he sees fit. What that message is, he explains here by indicating from whom he received the express order. “From God our Saviour”. This truth runs like a thread through all his letters.

God wants all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth (1Tim.2:4). For the saving grace of God made its advent to all humanity(Tit.2:10). Behold the Gospel! It is the statement that the living God is the Savior of all men, especially of believers (1Tim.4:10). And of that message, Paul says, “command and teach this!”. And hence “according to the injunction of God our Saviour”.