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Titus 1:1 Truth which accords with devoutness

28-04-2023 - Posted by Hans

Paul, a slave of God, yet an apostle of Jesus Christ, in accord with the faith of God’s chosen, and a realization of the truth, which accords with devoutness.

It is typical of Paul who is speaking here: concisely and with many turns of phrase. As a second characteristic consistent with his apostleship of Jesus Christ, he mentions “a realization of truth that is in accord with devoutness”.

“Realization of truth” is more than just knowledge of truth. The common word for knowledge in Greek is “gnosis,” but here Paul uses the word “epi-gnosis,” which is what “knowledge” is based on. Our word “realization” perhaps best approximates its meaning. Anyone who has a realization of truth realizes its importance and is aware of it.

The “realization of truth” Paul refers to is “in accord with” devoutness.” Litteraly good worship. “Good worship” is a quite literal rendering of the one Greek word “eusebia.” Traditionally it has been translated as ‘godliness’ (from the German ‘Gottesfurcht’ – Godly fear) as a reference to the well-known phrase ’the fear of the LORD’. “Good worship” indicates an attitude of reverence and awe of the almighty GOD who assigns a place to everything. “Good worship” means: “to glorify and give thanks to God as GOD” (Rom.1:21).