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Titus 1:1 The faith of God’s chosen

28-04-2023 - Posted by Hans

Paul, a slave of God, yet an apostle of Jesus Christ, in accord with the faith of God’s chosen, and a realization of the truth, which accords with devoutness.

It is remarkable that not once in this verse a definite article (= the, it) is used. Paul does not speak of the faith of the elect, but of “faith of the elect of God.” Not “the faith” i.e. what is believed is the subject here but the fact that God’s elect believe. Apart from Paul’s apostleship, this is by no means a given.

Election in Israel was primarily a matter of lineage. Israelites are chosen because they are part of the descendants of Jacob. And so one was chosen to serve as a Levite or priest in the temple on the basis of descent. But Paul is an apostle of Jesus Christ “in accord with the faith of the elect of God.” One is not chosen on the basis of DNA or achievements, but because one believes.

In addition to “faith” (=trust), “a realization of truth” is also characteristic of “the elect of God”. They can be recognized by this. Those whom God has chosen believe and have a realization of truth through what Paul, as a representative of Jesus Christ, was allowed to declare. That word made them believers and through it they received a realization of truth.