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the secret of the Christ

07-08-2013 - Posted by Andre Piet

index_2 In Ephesians 3, Paul describes that to him, by revelation, was made known “the secret of the Christ” (3:4), which was unknown in previous eons and generations. What is that: “the secret of the Christ”? That Christ would come and Who He would be was not a secret, was it? Is it not emphatically proclaimed and foretold, in the NT, that Christ would be resurrected (Acts 2:30-33)? And that God would seat Him at His right hand (Acts 2:34-35)? And so on. Why speak of a “secret”? The answer that Paul gives is that “the Christ” is more than just Jesus. It is a company of which Jesus Christ is the Head and all those who believe Him, together, form His body. They have a share in His position. In Ephesians 3:6, Paul himself gives the answers to the question of what “the secret of the Christ” is:

the nations are to be JOINT ENJOYERS of an allotment, and a JOINT BODY, and JOINT PARTAKERS of the promise in Christ Jesus, through the evangel…

The nations have become partakers of Israel’s Messiah: Jesus Christ. They are, as Paul says elsewhere, “joint enjoyers of Christ’s allotment,” (Rom. 8:17)! Even more strongly expressed, they are “fellow members,” lit. a “together-body”. With whom are the nations together one body? Together with the believers of the Circumcision (Eph.2:16); and in that way, they are one with Christ Jesus, as is pictured by “body and Head”!  And together, they are also “joint partakers” (lit. together-part) of the promise in Christ Jesus. The promise made to Christ Jesus, is not only for Him, but for all who are united with Him. That was hidden in the OT, but revealed to Paul. Paul explains this unity of Head and body, most beautifully in this letter. God demonstrated, as was foretold in the Scriptures, His power in

…Christ, rousing Him from among the dead and seating Him at His right hand among the celestials… -Ephesians 1:20-

But it is for those who are believing to know that God…

vivifies us TOGETHER in Christ (in grace are you saved!) 6 and rouses us TOGETHER and seats us TOGETHER among the celestials, in Christ Jesus-Ephesians 2:5,6-

Do you realize what this says? What was written in advance, about the glory of Israel’s Messiah, evidently ALSO speaks of us, who now believe. Paul calls this favor “transcendent riches of His grace” (Eph.2:7). Imagine: people, who were once outsiders, uncircumcised and strangers to “the covenants of promise”, have now (while Israel, as a nation, is temporarily set aside) been made partakers of “the promise in Christ Jesus”! This, literally and figuratively, is a much loftier allotment than was ever promised to Israel. Not on earth, but “among the celestials”. They are given to share in all that was promised to Israel’s Messiah. This is “the secret of the Christ”!